Coaching and Mediation

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller
Nowadays, we are certainly not short of information or answers - they’re everywhere and about everything. Yet life doesn’t seem any simpler or clearer. Sometimes we need something a little different to energise and re-balance.


Disputes in the workplace can cause disharmony, reducing productivity and place a drain on resources. Left unresolved they can lead to formal grievances or disciplinary procedures. These can be stressful and time consuming for both employers and employees.
Dispute in any aspect of our life is distressing. It can have an impact on our relationships causing us stress and anxiety. The longer the dispute is left the harder it feels it can be resolved.
Why mediation?
We passionately believe that the mediation process is the best way to resolve disputes. It offers individuals the best chance of resolving disputes on their own terms.
The advantages are you are in control it saves money and gives you peace of mind.
The mediation process allows you talk through the problem enabling you to be acknowledge and heard.
More and more disputes are resolved through mediation. This can be civil, commercial or workplace disputes.
With ever increasing court fees the cost of mediation is a fraction of the cost. Time scales are shorter allowing you to engage in the process within weeks as opposed to months.
Who is it for?
Whether the dispute is within organisations or within families, mediation is a process that helps relationships which have broken down and where compromise seems impossible.
Mediation helps organisations where there are disputes between the organisation and a member of staff or if there are issues between members of staff or within teams. Many organisations use mediation to help business grow and manage differences between business partners and senior teams. The process opens up a dialogue between individuals and the opportunity to bring creativity to the solutions.
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Coaching is a working partnership that facilitates and encourages a dialogue to think creatively of your abilities and your potential. There can be times in our lives when things can become complex and uncertain both at work and home or other areas of our life. Coaching gives us the opportunity to work with professionals who are able to motivate and inspire you, enabling you to take the lead in your life.
Coaching is a supportive partnership that works through barriers to change and success. The process helps to identify blocks and obstacles as well as your creativity, motivation and strength.
Coaching considers the culture, context and system you work and live in. It also considers the decisions you make and the personal value system that helps you make those decisions.
The coaching relationship allows us a time to reflect to be supported and challenged and focus going forward. The coaching relationship offers a place of containment, reflection and trust.
Coaching and Mediation
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