Talking Therapies

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Dalai lama
Without question talking is the best way of solving complex issues. But we understand it’s not always so easy to start the conversation and we help. Talking is the key to being able to move forward in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes it seems we have too many problems to cope with as we move through our personal, work and family lives, so we explore those things that are causing anxiety and talk through them to create confidence and growth.


  • Psychotherapy and Counselling for individuals, couples and families

We Can Help With…

* Stress * Anxiety * Depression* Low Mood * Relationship issues

* Trauma * Pyschosexual issues * Fertility issues * Bereavement 

* Self-harm * Sexual abuse * Alcohol Concerns

* Work Stress * Low Self-Esteem

*Divorce * Separation 

Talking therapies
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