“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Saint Frances
Supervision for both Trainees and Qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellors.

Supervision is an important process to help professionals review their practices with clients. It is a relationship designed to support a deepening understanding of the work with clients, it also enables us to consider the ethical, professional and personal development of us as practitioners.
Supervision provides a space which encourages us in the process of self awareness whilst facilitating self-learning. Creating a space for us to be mindful of our clients allowing a creative venture where two or more stretch their minds and consider new ways of thinking and feeling about our clients. It allows us to possibly explore what maybe going on below the surface, what is implicit or unconscious in what they are sharing with us. It can help us consider the why and how feelings get misinterpreted and processes that get missed.
For supervision to be effective the quality of the relationship between supervisor and supervisee is an imperative yet complex relationship. Providing a safe contained space hopefully allows the process to embody qualities of openness and honesty on both sides. If a practitioner can be bold with themselves there is a great opportunity to also find a sense of freedom that can then be communicated with their clients.
The approaches to supervision can vary and it is vital that the approach works for the supervisee. This important aspect determines the effectiveness and success of the supervision and the relationship between the two parties.
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